Can you bottle and carbonate your beer in growlers?

While growlers are pretty cool and work awesome when taking beer home from your favorite brewery, they don’t do well for bottling.

We recommend against bottling your beer in growlers for a few reasons.

The first is that depending on the type of growler you have the lid may not be suitable to keep in the C02. So after you bottle your beer you could end up with flat beer or beer with very little carbonation.

Another reason is that growlers often have thinner glass than beer bottles. This can lead to bottle bombs. If you have a lid that will hold the pressure you could end up with your growler exploding. Since growlers have thinner glass, they are not build to withstand the pressure that is created during the carbonation phase.

Now it should be noted that we are talking about traditional screw-top growlers. There are swing top growlers and other types of growlers that can be used to bottle your beer.

But to be safe and help ensure that your beer is going to be fully carbonated and delicious we recommend staying away from growlers when it comes to bottling your beer.