Can you wash your brewing equipment in the dishwasher?

This is a question that people ask quite often, and there are certain pieces of equipment that you can put in your dishwasher and other ones that you cannot.

Now I will say that I have heard from many people that they wash or rinse all of their equipment in the dishwasher without any issues. And if you do that’s awesome and a good way to clean your equipment.

To start for our brewing purposes in our brew room, we hand wash everything. We don’t use the dishwasher. We just feel it's better for the equipment to help it last longer to hand wash and clean it all.

Okay, so when talking brewing equipment things like your mixing bowls, plastic brewing paddles, pots strainers all that stuff would be fine in the dishwasher.

When looking at bottles it depends. Glass bottles will usually hold up well in the dishwasher. If you are washing swing-top bottles in there just keep an eye on your gaskets so they don’t erode over time. If you have plastic bottles I have heard of people putting them in the top rack, but we would recommend just hand washing them.

For your fermenter, it depends on what kind you are using. Certain bucket fermenters and ones like the Coopers 6 Gallon Fermenter can do into the dishwasher. Others like our 2-gallon LBK you do not what to put in the dishwasher.

The main reason you do not is the heat that is generated can warp certain plastic if it gets too hot.

So to wrap it up it is best in our opinion to wash and clean your equipment by hand.