Flute Beer Glass

When most people think of a flute glass, their first thought is champagne. However, there is such a thing as a flute beer glass, and there are several reasons you should be adding this glass to your collection.


There is a reason champagne is enjoyed from a flute glass: carbonation. The same goes for beer in a flute glass. The long and narrow body of a flute glass not only ensures that the carbonation doesn't dissipate too quickly, it also showcases the activity in highly-carbonated beers after they are poured.


The long body of a flute glass enhances carbonation. This means that the carbonation is rapidly racing to the top of your glass, and what is going to accompany this quick release of carbonation? Aroma. As your beer is showcasing its carbonation, it is also releasing the beer's volatiles very quickly, sending the beers aroma into the air at a much faster rate than normal. This allows beer in a flute glass to showcase a much more robust and upfront aroma after being poured.


The long stem of the flute glass ensures that your sweaty, hot hands don't need to come into contact with your ice cold beer. By holding the stem of the flute glass when drinking, it allows your beer to stay cold longer as it isn't being heated by the warmth of your hands.

Beer Styles

Now, the all important question: what beers should you be drinking from a flute glass? Here are all the beer styles that can benefit from a flute glass:

These beer styles are all highly carbonated and/ or showcase strong aromas that will be enhanced by a flute glass.