Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Beer Loving Man in Your Life
Valentine's Day is right around the corner ladies! It's time to start thinking about that perfect gift you want to get him this year. We know that sometimes men can be hard to shop for, but if your man loves beer, we are here to make your Valentine's Day shopping a breeze thanks to this complete gift guide for the beer lover in your life! And, if you're boyfriend doesn't like beer, well… we can't help you and you may want to consider finding a new boyfriend. DIY Brewing Kit This is our favorite gift (for obvious reasons.) If your man enjoys drinking craft beer, than he will love making AND drinking his own craft beer! While there are lots of kits on the market to choose from, Mr. Beer is the easiest kit to use, plus it is one of the few kits that includes everything he will need to brew his very first batch of beer at home. The hardest decision you have to make? Which size kit do you buy for him: the LBK, 8Lx or the 24L? Check out our starter kits at If he already has a brewing set up, check out some of our brewing recipes. Mr. Beer recipes come with additional adjuncts and additives to take his brewing to the next level. Whether he likes IPAs or Pilsners, there is a recipe for everyone. Check out our brewing recipes here. Handmade Wooden Beer Tote What better way to show off that newly brewed beer than with this handmade wooden beer tote from The Rusted Key? This handcrafted six pack carry case is made from carefully stained wood and featured a side rustic bottle opener. $45 on Chillsner Forgot to chill your pint glasses or didn't put your beer in the fridge early enough? Don't sweat it!  The Chillsner is the only in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller. All he has to do is freeze it, and put it into any standard size bottled beer to enjoy instantly cool, refreshing beer.  Chillsner 2 pack, $29.95 on Beer of the Month Club If your man enjoys craft beer, and is looking to expand his palate to beers that aren't available in your area, than the Beer of the Month Club is a great idea. The club focuses on providing quality, freshness, and variety in each pack. They have 4 different subscriptions you can choose from that range from $24.95 per month - $33.95 per month plus $15 shipping and handling. Sign him up at Spreadable Beer Does your man love beer so much he wishes he could put it on his food and eat it? Well, his wish has been granted thanks to Spreadable Beer! Each jar contains 40% beer, and is a smooth, gooey texture with an intense hoppy scent. $15.19 on Beer Nerd: A Beer Tasting Trivia Game Let him test his beer knowledge with this fun trivia game. Players roll the die and move around the game board as they test their knowledge of beer. If they land on a blind taste test, they take a sip and try to identify the brew. The first person to correctly identify the final taste test wins the game. $33.15 on