How long does our No-Rinse Cleanser last in solution?

This is a question we get quite often regarding our Mr. Beer No-Rinse Cleanser. How long can it last once it is mixed up?

Unlike other sanitizers such as Star San, our No-Rinse Cleaners is a little different, in that it must be used once it is mixed up.

Once you wet the dry ingredients of the cleanser and mix it up, it then becomes active. You typically have a few hours left of the sanitizing activity. 2-3 tops.

Over time the germ-fighting ingredients are lost to the atmosphere. So the longer the solution sits the less effective it will become.

That is why you should always use it right away once it is mixed. Then you know that you will get the best results and that your equipment is properly sanitized.

The No-Rinse cleanser in its dry form will last indefinitely.

If you want to have a solution that will last a while we would recommend getting Star San. Following the mixing ratios on the bottle, you can mix some up into a spray bottle and it will last around 3-4 weeks.

This is a great extra tool to add to your brewing arsenal. We use it daily in our brew room. If you brew a lot you can also mix some up and store it in a 3-gallon keg or some other airtight container and then you can use that to sanitize as well when it comes to brew day.