How to use a bottling wand & what are the benefits of using one?

The bottling wand is a very useful tool. We often get asked how to use it and is it required to use it. It is not required to be used in the bottling process, but it makes the process a whole lot easier.

Let's dive into the benefits of using one first before we get into the how.

The first one is that it just makes bottling easier. You can leave your spigot open and all you have to do is push your bottle against the bottom of the wand and it fills with beer. So its fewer movements in the process.

It also helps reduce the amount of oxygen in your beer caused by bottling. Using the wand your bottles fill from the bottom up. This causes the beer to be splashed around less when just bottling right from the spigot.

So now let dive into how you use it. Depending on when you got your beer kit you have one of two spigots. One that has a barbed end that opens from left to right and one that does not and the top pushes up and down. So I will cover both spigots real quick so you know.

Let's do the pushdown spigot first.

To get the bottling wand to fit you do not need the rubber attachment. Simply just slide the bottom of the wand into the spigot opening and push it up as high as you can. I usually let it sit for a few seconds just to make sure it is secure and not going to fall out. Then all you do is open the spigot by pulling up on the top lever. This will help the spigot say open. Then just insert the bottom of your wand into your bottle. Once you push the bottle on the black tip beer will come out. That’s it!

So now for the barbed spigot.

For this one, you will use the attachment and it will slide over the barbs. Again once you get it on just give it a few seconds to make sure it is on securely and not going to fall off. Then just open your spigot and your good to go.

A few tips I also wanted to point out when using your wand.

Always put a small bowl under the wand. This will help catch drips that happen to fall or if your wand happens to fall out it will help prevent a big mess.

Make sure to sanitize your wand! That is very important. Run sanitizer through the wand.

Make sure you are taking it apart after each use and cleaning it. Sometimes hops and other debris can get stick in the spring inside the wand.

When filling your bottles with your wand, you want to fill them to right at the bottom of where the cap goes. The wand takes up some space in the bottle, so once you pull the wand out of the bottle, the beer will be at the perfect level.