Mr. Beer Premieres New Kit With Glass Fermenter and Specialty Grains Recipe

TUCSON, Ariz.Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This month, Mr. Beer releases three new beer-making kits, which boast a one-gallon glass fermenter and feature recipes with extract and specialty grains. The new kits spotlight smaller batches with a bit more process for even more flavor.

The kit's exclusive one-gallon glass fermenter allows a clear view of fermentation for curious brewers, plus a spigot for easy bottling without the need for a racking cane. At one gallon, half the usual size of Mr. Beer's popular LBK fermenter, small batches mean frequent opportunities for brewing experimentation without the imposing responsibility of a larger volume.

This will be the first time Mr. Beer has launched a starter kit with a more advanced beginner recipe. To offer more contact with grains and hops for first-time brewers, Mr. Beer adapted extract recipes that call for the steeping of specialty grains – allowing for additional aroma, taste and body in the finished beer. Mr. Beer's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Bridges, says of the new kits, "Today's brewer wants more hands-on experience with the ingredients that build their favorite craft beers, and we realized that even a small choice like bringing in specialty grains would allow for that experience without demanding more equipment, a larger time dedication or too much complication." Bridges emphasizes the need to stay true to the Mr. Beer brand, saying, "This is a Mr. Beer Kit - we want to keep it accessible, flavorful and enjoyable."

Mr. Beer is synonymous with simple and straightforward homebrewing, so as with all their kits to date, this starter kit brews beer in 60 minutes, is easy to follow and can easily be adapted to fit the brewer's progressing abilities.

The initial kit offering includes three popular beer styles: Thunder Bay IPA, Shock the Moon Wheat and American Lager. More will be added throughout the year with the priority of including only the freshest ingredients. These one-gallon starter kits will be available at leading retailers such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond in December. Prices range from $39.99 to $44.95. The kits are available now at and Amazon.