Mr. Beer Makes the Perfect Gift for Any Guy in Your Life
I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.
Enjoying Mr. Beer There's nothing quite as satisfying as a cold beer. After a long day at work, or when you're barbecuing, a beer is the perfect drink to unwind and relax. My husband is a serious lover of beer. He's always trying new brands, flavors, and is always open to drinking any type of IPA. Surprisingly enough, he's never thought to make his own beer before. When I saw the Mr. Beer kit, I knew he just had to try it. Diablo IPA KitOur Mr. Beer kit came with everything we needed to make our beer:
  • 2 gallon fermenter with lid and tap
  • Instructional videos and easy to follow brewing instructions
  • Mr. Beer Carbonator Drops
  • Bottles with caps and labels
  • No Rinse Cleaner
  • Can of Hopped Malt Extract (the beer)
  • Yeast
  Pouring in Mr. Beer Cleanser The first thing you need to do is to assemble your keg and fill it with water to check for leaks. I can't imagine anything worse than having a leaky keg full of beer. After you've assembled and checked, it's time to sanitize. Sanitizing is actually an essential step because it kills bacteria and yeasts that could be in your keg or on the items you're using to make the beer, which can produce off-flavors in your beer. Using the No Rinse Cleanser that comes with the kit was easy to do and the best part was I didn't have to rinse or dry anything off after using.   Pouring in Mr. Beer Extract   Now comes the fun part – brewing! There will be a yeast packet inside of your can of hopped malt extract (HME) that you need to remove. You boil water, add the HME, and stir. The HME is really thick and takes a while to completely come out of the can so be patient with it. Once it's thoroughly mixed, you add it along with water to you keg.   Yeast in Mr. Beer Keg   At this point in the process, your unfermented beer is called wort. Once it's all in the keg and thoroughly mixed again, you add your yeast and then screw on the lid. Place the keg in a location with a consistent temperature between 68 and 76F and out of direct sunlight. We stored ours in a closet that we don't use and then 14 days later, we were ready for the next step.   Pouring Mr. Beer Brew   Before you bottle your beer, be sure to use the No Rinse Sanitizer solution with the bottles. Once they're sanitized, add a Mr. Beer Carbonation Drop or sugar into the bottles and fill them up. Put the cap on and gently turn the bottle upside down – no shaking. Once the bottles are all filled up, store them again for another 14-21 days so the beer can carbonate. When the bottles feel hard like a rock, they're ready to drink. Just make sure to chill them first for the best flavor. My husband was so excited to try them out, that he even had it marked on his calendar when to check on them. I've never seen him so giddy to open a bottle of beer before – he was like a kid in a candy store. Needless to say, he loved his beer. He said it had an excellent flavor and was a great IPA. He's already searching for which type of beer he will be brewing next because he wants everyone to try them at our Christmas dinner. He's one seriously proud beer brewer. Mr. Beer kits are the perfect gift for any beer loving person in your life. They have so many different types of beer, and even ciders and root beer for those who don't really like beer, that there is something any budding home brewer would love to try. You definitely do not have to be a pro to use their kits and the instructions were detailed, yet easy to follow. The best part about Mr. Beer is their brewing malts are Non-GMO and 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. They offer a variety of different kits depending on your brewing needs. The Mr. Beer kit made brewing easy and fun and I know my husband can't wait to get started on his next batch. Mr. Beer kits are available for purchase this holiday season at Kmart, Sears, Target, and Cabelas. Connect: You can connect with Mr. Beer on their websiteFacebookYouTubeGoogle+, and @MrBeer on Twitter. Article originally posted at: