What happens if you add too little or too much water to your fermenter?

I saw this question in the Facebook group the other day where someone had added too much water to their fermenter and was wondering what the effects would be. So I thought it would be good to talk about what can happen if you add too much or too little water to your fermenter.

So for the most part this won't have that big of an impact on your final beer. Unless you go way over or way under like half a gallon or more. Then you will have some completely different beer.

But if you are only slightly over or under the impacts will be minimal.

If you go slightly under your beer will be a little stronger than normal. So the OG will be higher and the ABV of the beer will be higher. Also, the beer will be a little maltier than it normally would be.

If you go a little over your beer will be a little weaker than it normally would be. Your OG will be lower and your ABV will be lower. Also, you will lose some of that malty flavor in your beer.

Like I mentioned before these changes are minimal. If you are slightly above or below the proper fill line don’t worry, your beer will be fine!