What is a tincture in homebrewing?

What the heck is a tincture and how can you use it in homebrewing? We break it down for you in this week's episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer.

This is something that I have seen a few people ask about in the group. I know that Ashley is a big supporter of this to get some unique flavors in your beer.

At its basic definition, a Tincture is an infusion created with fruits, spices, flowers, etc. using alcohol. Tinctures can be made using clear rum or vodka, which fortunately sanitizes the ingredients you use in your brew.

This works great when you are using fresh ingredients, so fresh fruits, herbs, spices, peppers, etc. to impart flavor into your homebrew.

Now you might be thinking this seems like it could be a little difficult, but it's actually very simple.

What you will need to do this is a mason jar, your choice of fruits or herbs, and then vodka.

You will add your fruit or whatever you are using to the mason jar then you will cover it with vodka and then put the lid on and let it sit for 1-2 weeks.

Depending on what you are using in your tincture you will want to put it into a hopsack. So if you are using chunks of fresh fruit, or peppers, or an herb or even bacon, you will want to put it into a hopsack. If you are using a puree you don’t need to put it into a hopsack.

Now when you go to add this to your fermenter you will want to open the jar and pour it all into your fermenter. The fruit, vodka, all of it. You will want to do this about 5-7 days before you bottle your beer.

This will impart that flavor into your beer.

It is also good to note that adding this to your beer will increase the ABV so be mindful of how much alcohol you are adding and what the ABV of the beer is that you are brewing.

Tinctures are a unique way to add some crazy flavors to your brew. So next time you want to mad scientists try doing a tincture in your brew.