What is Mr. Beer's Booster?

This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions that we get. Mr. Beer has used Booster for years and years. We see a lot of people ask what it is or if they need it, so we wanted to break it all down for you.

First lets talk about what it is. Our booster is made from corn syrup solids. It is 8% glucose, 56% maltose, 16% maltotriose and 20% dextrins. This is designed to mimic the wort profile you get from brewing.

This helps promote a healthy fermentation, healthy yeast growth and it also does not add any flavors. It will also not add any color to your beer which can sometimes be difficult when adding different adjusts. So, it's perfect if you want to keep your beer lighter in color.

The booster is designed to increase the ABV of your beer and add a touch of body to your final beer as well. Each packed of booster will add about .65% ABV to your brew. Overall it is just a great extremely versatile adjust to have in your brewing arsenal.

Booster can be added to Refill or Recipe or any brew that you are creating. You will want to make sure you add it to your water that is warming and mix until it is dissolved. One unique aspect of the booster is that you can boil hops in it and extract bitterness out of those hops.

We did a whole episode on this but basically since the booster mimics the wort profile, hops react the same way in a boil with a booster as they would in a traditional boil. What this does is helps you keep your beer lighter when you're wanting some extra bitterness in your brew but no extra color.

Lastly, you do not need to use a booster to brew with Mr. Beer. The cans by themselves make a perfectly good beer. So if you bought a refill can from somewhere other than Mr. Beer it will not come with a booster but that is perfectly fine, you can still brew it up. If you want to increase the ABV we have a video about what other adjuncts you can add to increase your ABV.