Why you should add your booster to cool water and not to boiling water?

This step may seem counterintuitive to most. You would think that things will mix better in hot water, but that is not always the case. We talk about the proper way to mix up your booster in this episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer.

We are always working on ways to improve our brewing instructions and make the process easy and simple.

One thing we found is that during those tests it is actually easier to mix the booster in cool water than into boiling water.

That is why in the instructions we have you turn on the heat for your pot, then start to slowly add in the booster.

We noticed that in the cool water the booster was easier to mix than in the hot water it seemed to become difficult to stir.

So that is why you should add in your booster to cool water and not hot water.

Another item I wanted to point out that is key is mixing the booster in slowly. Don’t dump the whole bag into the pot or you are going to have a tough time getting that to dissolve.

I treat booster the same way I treat DME. I cut the corner of the bag and pour it in little by little. It makes it easier to mix up and it will make the brewing process go smoother for you.