Why you should tilt your bottle during bottling?

We always tell brewers to tilt their bottles while filling them from the spigot, well this is why you should do it.

So in our instructions when it comes to bottling we tell you to tilt the bottle at an angle when filling.

What this does is it prevents oxygen from getting in the beer which can create off-flavors. This can lead to a stale or a cardboard flavor in your beer. Not something that you want.

So what you want to do is have the beer flow down the side of the bottle. This helps prevent the beer from kicking up at the bottom of the bottle and getting oxidized.

If you have ever poured beer from a tap or into a glass it is the same thing. You pour the beer down the side to prevent from getting a glass of foam, so you do the same thing for bottling.

If you want a sure proof way to help reduce the risk of oxidation during bottling even more then I would recommend using a bottling wand.

They fill your bottle from the bottom up and they are a great way to reduce the risk of oxidation as well as make bottling easier.