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  1. 5 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Fall

    5 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Fall

    Fall is a season known for luscious, spicy beer offerings to warm us as the weather gets colder. So it's no surprise that some folks don't care to be restricted to pumpkin-flavored brews only. 

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  2. Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kits

    Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kits

    For this Thirsty Thursday we decided to do tasting notes on our own homebrews – the 6 new craft beer kits Mr. Beer just released. Though each of us had a clear favorite, we all seemed to banter on about things we'd add to each recipe, hops we might substitute, because that's the fun of our kits – creativity and customization.

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  3. 4 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Pumpkin Spice Mania

    4 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Pumpkin Spice Mania

    It's late August, and you can already feel it in the air – pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is approaching. No, not just the Pumpkin Spice Latte that sets Bux sippers at each other's throats for the last drop. We are talking pumpkin spice air freshener, butter, potato chips, whey protein – and maybe even toothpaste.

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  4. Arizona Breweries

    Arizona Breweries

    This week's Thirsty Thursday tasting was a special one. We had a special guest, Dr Tim Cooper, Managing Director and Chief Brewer for Coopers Brewery, visiting the office.  So, naturally we had to celebrate his attendance with excellent beer selection. Aside from offering up two homebrew creations from our own brewing room for Dr Tim to try, we brought in 3 delicious beers from Arizona breweries.

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  5. 5 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Oktoberfest

    5 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest 2016 runs from September 17th until October 3rd. Even if you aren't game to splurge on a plane ticket to Munich to hang out with the roughly 6 million people who go each year, we're guessing you'll celebrate from where you are. Sure, there will be some nice local festivals and shindigs at local pubs, but we at Mr.Beer are all about DIY.

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  6. Barrel-Aged Beer

    Barrel-Aged Beer

    In anticipation of our own Lock Stock and Barrel (Aged) Stout release, the Mr. Beer team chose to dedicate our Thursday to trying out the heavy hitters of the barrel-aged beer realm. Barrel-aged beer tasting gets you comfortable much faster than typical beer tasting.

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  7. Weizen Glass

    Weizen Glass

    Hefe fans are sure to know this glass, as Weizen glasses are the ones that properly highlight your tall, gold brew with that lovely cut of citrus that pubs like to slip on the lip. Betcha didn't know that the acidity of those fresh citrus slices can kill the white fluffy head wheat beers are well-known for! Weizen, meaning "wheat" in German, refers to the types of beer meant to be enjoyed from this glass, including...

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  8. International Beer Day

    International Beer Day

    Since today is International Beer Day, the Mr. Beer team decided to do a beer tasting of some standout international beers. We chose a German Helles Lager, English Porter, and Belgian Quad with some impressive history to each of their stories.

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  9. Gose


    Gose(pronounced Gos-uh) is a delicious deviation from the sour beer norm that has been popping up with more frequency this summer, and as our Brewmaster Josh says, it's a great "training wheels beer" for those who haven't tried sour beers much before. Gose's relatively low ABV (4.0-5.0%), mild tartness, and bright, crisp flavor make it an excellent summer sipping beer.

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  10. Summertime Beer Grab Bag

    Summertime Beer Grab Bag

    For this week's beer tasting we decided to grab a little bit of everything for some summertime inspiration. Our team tried out a Session IPA, Imperial Brown Ale, and Milk Stout, and after some boos and yays on a warm Thursday afternoon of sipping, here is what we had to say about the line-up…

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